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Emotion Code & Body Code

The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code (TEC) is a powerful tool that identifies and releases the energy of trapped emotions we carry in invisible baggage. Our emotional baggage blocks us from developing into our best selves. Some of it is from life experiences and some of it is inherited from our ancestors. With TEC, I assist you to locate and let go of trapped emotions for yourself, family members and other loved ones, including your pets! As a certified practitioner, I am trained to find the stored energy of a trapped emotion and facilitate your release of it in seconds


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My Emotion Code Practice

I practice TEC in person, on the phone, by video chat and by email. We begin with where you desire improvement in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual or energetic health. I establish a biofeedback link with muscle testing to connect with your subconscious mind. 

The subconscious mind wants to guide us to wellness, especially when we ask for its assistance. It reveals:

  • our body’s inner functions 
  • our memories
  • our imbalances
  • what we need to restore balance
  • our emotional baggage and trapped emotions.

When we discover the energy of a trapped emotion that is ready to be released, I swipe a magnet over your governing vessel meridian which then releases the emotional vibration from all the main meridians in your body. 

Traditional Chinese medicine maps the human body with meridians, a network of energy pathways through which vital energy flows. The Governing Vessel meridian balances Yin and Yang energies, supports mental and emotional well-being, and strengthens the body's protective energy. It connects to the major energy centers of the body, regulates a smooth energy flow and enhances the integration of body, mind and spirit.

image Aurora The Cat

My Cat Stopped Biting After One Session

TEC training required that I do sessions for pets. Here’s what I found when I did a session for my cat Aurora. I adopted her as a feral kitten. When I touched her at night, she scratched and bit me to the point of bleeding. Her subconscious cat mind told me that when she was a young kitten, she was separated from her mother and left to fend for herself. She released trapped emotions of abandonment, panic and terror, especially at night in the dark. After just one session, she stopped the scratching and biting. 

The Body Code

The Body Code (TBC) is based on the human body's design and ability to heal itself. With this tool, I tap into the wisdom of your subconscious mind to address imbalances in the realms of energies, pathogens, circuits and systems, misalignments, toxins and nutrition/lifestyle. TBC leads you to discover the causes of imbalances so that they can be effectively addressed.

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My Body Code Practice

A Body Code session can be done in person, on the phone, via video chat and by email. We talk about where you desire improvement in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual or energetic health. I connect with your subconscious mind which guides us to find where balancing will improve your physical, mental and emotional function as well as relationships and life experiences. When imbalances are ready to be addressed, I swipe a magnet over your governing vessel meridian to support re-balancing and restoration. With these swipes, the energy flow in your main meridians is updated with the intention of healing and wellness.

image Vanessa and KB

Anxiety Reduced in One Session

Vanessa approaches my sessions with a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit as together we discover what I’m holding on to, and what can be released. I had a Body Code session with her about why I felt anxious before playing pickleball. She helped me release trapped emotions, balanced my solar plexus chakra, and reset my nervous system which was holding the energy of a past memory. At the end of the session, my anxiety dropped significantly and I felt much better! - KB, Body Code Client

What is Emotion Code and Body Code?

What is Emotion Code and Body Code?

Emotion Code is an energy healing method that identifies and releases trapped emotions, which are unresolved feelings from past experiences. These trapped emotions can cause physical and emotional discomfort.

Body Code is an extension of Emotion Code, focusing on identifying and releasing not only trapped emotions but also imbalances in other areas like nutrition, pathogens, structural issues, and more. It aims to restore balance in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being.

Common Emotion Code and Body Code Q&A

Q: What is the difference between Emotion Code and Body Code?
A: The Emotion Code addresses only emotional imbalances, while the Body Code encompasses a broader range of imbalances, including emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.

Q: What can energy healing using Emotion Code and Body Code help with?
A: These sessions can potentially assist with various issues such as pain, anger, depression, chronic fatigue, PTSD, phobias, and hormonal imbalances.

Q: Why clear trapped emotions with Emotion Code?
A: Clearing trapped emotions can help alleviate physical and emotional discomfort caused by unresolved feelings from past experience.

Q: How does a session with Emotion Code and Body Code typically work?
A: During a session, certified practitioners use techniques such as muscle testing to identify trapped emotions or imbalances in the body. These emotions or imbalances are then released using various methods, promoting emotional and physical well-being

Q: What are Trapped Emotions, Inherited Trapped Emotions, and the Heart Wall?
A: Trapped Emotions are unresolved emotions stored in the body. Inherited Trapped Emotions are emotions passed down through generations. The Heart Wall is a protective barrier made of trapped emotions around the heart, which can hinder one's ability to give and receive love.