Professional Services

Sessions & Fees

Wellness session overview:

Our sessions, whether held via Zoom or over the phone, are designed for relaxation and deep healing. To get the most out of your experience, I suggest finding a comfortable spot, whether that be in a chair or on your bed. Some clients even fall asleep during the session, which can aid in deeper processing. We start by discussing your health goals and desires for the session, and then it's time to focus on relaxation. You'll be guided to take deep breaths and enter a state of deep relaxation, as we tap into the quantum field of energy. Here, all possibilities for healing can become a reality with our focused awareness. Using advanced BodyTalk protocols, we listen to your body's innate wisdom and create a formula for deeper relaxation and increased awareness. This process helps to shift out of stress and back into balance. I may ask you to focus on specific areas of your body while I energetically tap over your head, heart, and gut brains. This tapping helps to make necessary shifts, remember what's healthy, and tap into your intuition for further improvement. Once the session is complete, your body will indicate when it's time for your next session.

First session:

During our first session, we'll go over your health history and any specific concerns you have. Our conversation will last a little longer than 60 minutes to give us time to get to know each other better. Then, it's time to start relaxing and let your body reveal the priorities to be addressed. We'll enter a state of silence as I focus on our presence in the quantum field, and communicate with your body's innate wisdom through biofeedback. Your body will then guide us through the necessary techniques and modalities to balance your energy and consciousness.

Follow-up sessions:

Our follow-up sessions last between 45 to 60 minutes and begin with a quick update on your progress. We'll then guide you into a state of deep relaxation by taking full breaths and entering the quantum field. Your body's innate wisdom will guide us on the necessary steps for restoring balance and reducing stress. I'll energetically tap over your head, heart, and gut brains to implement the shifts requested by your body. Once the session is complete, your body will indicate when it's time for your next session.

Free Consultation

A 20-minute phone call to help you determine if you’d like to schedule a full session. We will talk about your concerns and your questions will be answered.

Free Essential Oil Consultation

A 45-minute phone call or Zoom meeting to discuss your wellness goals and how to support these with essential oils.

Initial Session

75 to 90 minutes over the phone or by Zoom that begins with an in-depth discussion and assessment of your wellness goals and health history. We continue with your first Wellness Session.

Wellness Session

After the initial session, we meet over the phone or by Zoom to continue working on your goals. These sessions are wellness upgrades for the continued health of your body, mind and spirit.

Reiki Session

A 60 minute session in which hands are laid upon you to channel universal sacred energy that brings balance and healing wherever needed. This is when spirit can come in to heal the body and mind. Reiki is by distance until in-person sessions begin sometime in 2023.

Mediumship Session

45 to 60 minutes to communicate with the spirit of a loved one who has passed away. Specific messages can be channeled and sometimes questions you have can be answered. This is a wonderful way to receive “grief relief” and learn that loved ones who leave the physical realm may want to continue communication.