Integrating Body, Mind & Spirit

The Wright Wholistic Wellness Center combines Energy Healing, Science, Intuitive Wisdom and Pure Essential Oils to facilitate integrated wellness for your body, mind and spirit. 

  • Complimentary consultations and sessions for individuals, couples and groups
  • In-person sessions
  • Distance sessions for individuals, couples and groups by phone or video chat. This work is as powerful as it would be in person. You have the benefit of remaining in the comfort of your home or being in your favorite place.
  • A complimentary consultation over the phone gives you the opportunity to ask specific questions about how we would work together so that you can determine if you would like to schedule a session.

Free Consultations

Schedule a 20 minute free consultation to assess your wholistic health needs. Individuals, couples and groups are all welcome!

Emotion Code

Emotion Code involves identifying and releasing trapped emotions to alleviate physical pain and emotional stress using a simple chart and muscle testing.

Body Code

Body Code is a wholistic energy healing system designed to uncover and resolve underlying causes of physical and emotional issues.

Energy Healing

Energy, like consciousness, is all that is and is in all that is. Every physical part of the body has a energy and consciousness related to its function. The mind works at unconscious, subconscious and conscious levels. We can strengthen our consciousness at any and all levels with energetic shifts, enhanced awareness and intention for optimal health.

Emotion Code

Emotion Code is an energy healing method that identifies and releases trapped emotions. These trapped emotions can cause physical and emotional discomfort

Body Code

Body Code is an extension of Emotion Code, focusing on identifying and releasing imbalances in other areas like nutrition, pathogens, structural issues, and more.


BodyTalk is a quantum based wholistic healing system that addresses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances within the body, mind and spiritl


Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch, and balances a person's life force energy.


What clients have to say about their sessions.
"I have known Vanessa for many years, and I highly recommend her unique form of Energy Healing.  Through skillful knowledge and compassionate wisdom, she is able to facilitate Divine Healing Power within the whole person.  She brings harmony, balance, and peace to aid in the integration of spiritual, mental, emotional, as well as, physical healing."
"This was one of the most significant balances I have received. After our session, I went immediately to the retreat where I interacted with 100 people. I felt calm, grounded with no need to apologize for who I was. In one of the meetings I was concerned about, for the first time I spoke calmly and expressed my truth with courage. Afterwards people thanked me for it. I felt unapologetic for walking on this earth, for being who I was and this is a new feeling for me!"

"My First Experience with the Body Code was Extraordinary! As a caregiver for my partner who is dealing with a life-threatening condition, I was astonished at how quickly and efficiently the session effected a clearing and release of specific organs in my own body. I had not realized just how much I was carrying, that was not even mine to carry. Not only was I able to regain a sense of well-being and calm in what has been a challenging situation, but my relationship with my partner greatly benefited as well! I am so grateful for this medicine; and grateful for Vanessa's skill and compassion in facilitating such a grace-filled healing session. Highly recommended!"

"The sessions I had with Vanessa were milestones in my healing process.  She showed me some painful beliefs I was carrying and helped me to release and clear them from my body and my mind. I was amazed at how she can listen to what our body is trying to tell us!  She is genuine, caring and kind with an extraordinary gift to support healing. I have full confidence in Vanessa’s work and recommend her without hesitation."

"I have had the pleasure of working with Vanessa a couple times after life-changing events I had recently experienced. She helped my mind uncover things that my body was holding onto, leaving me feeling rejuvenated, empowered and liberated. Vanessa genuinely cares about the healing and well-being of her patients."

"Vanessa is my go-to practitioner for everything that has ailed me over the years. Some past issues that have been resolved working with her are insomnia, heartburn, GI distress, joint pain, fatigue and headaches. I had a session with her after contracting Covid. I had a long list of symptoms and felt terrible. Afterwards, I started feeling better within hours and the symptoms only lasted 4 days!"